Bullied: Dying To Fit In
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Bullied: Dying to Fit In
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Bullied: Dying to Fit In  has been nominated for the Advocacy / Social Justice Award for the 2019 In the Margins Book Award.

"In the Margins strives to find the best books for teens living in poverty, on the streets, in custody - or a cycle of all three. Our charge is to seek out and highlight the best fiction and non-fiction titles (Pre-K through adult) of high-interest appeal to youth ages 9-21 living in poverty, on the streets, or in custody, with a preference for marginalized books (small, independent press or self-published). Youth feedback is a critical factor in both book nomination and selection."

Why is Kristyn A. Kutter?
by Normandy D. Piccolo
You may know my name, but not my life story. To be honest, it’s rather cliché for a girl of seventeen and three-quarters. But it’s far from boring. Self-loathing. Depression. Loneliness. Liar-liar pants on fire. Secretive. Rebellious. Blah-blah-blah-blah. You get the idea.

I feel absolutely nothing until a razor blade touches my skin. I’m known to do other crazy things to myself out of pure spite. Yeah, I hate myself that much. I’ll take hits of MDMA and dance until dawn trying to forget. Other times, I’ll randomly hookup with total wankers when my self-esteem lands in the loo. Which is pretty much all the time, lately. Bugger!

My best mate, Maddison, killed herself. Bitch! I guess she couldn’t handle life. Staring down at the random cuts on my body, I can’t say I’m doing that much better. But, end up in a red mahogany casket with white velvet interior, like Maddison? I’m not sure.

Maddison’s death, Jamey (my ex and an absolute tosser) and teen drama from Claire and the Posh Miss Perfects have forced me to make a choice. Deal with my issues or keep repeating the same self-destructive behavior over and again, expecting a different result.

You may have heard what I’ve done, but not what I’ve been through or where I'm going.

You’re ‘bout to find out.   

*Trigger Warning: Includes strong language, non-graphic depictions of self-harm, drug and alcohol usage and sexual situations. Recommended for ages 16+*.

Why is Kristyn A. Kutter? discusses serious and difficult issues regarding self-harm, depression and suicide. If you or anyone you know are struggling with any of those issues, please seek help at a support or crisis center in your area or online through local and national organizations.


Why is Kristyn A. Kutter?

Helpful Information

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
[email protected]
Text “NAMI” to 741741

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
En Espanol: 1-888-628-9454
Deaf and Hard of Hearing: 1-800-799-4889
My Little Peanut Does the Nuttiest Things!

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My Little Peanut Does the Nuttiest Things!
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Parenting and toddler hilarity in a nutshell.

The 34-page book is packed with verses which capture the familiar issues parents often face when dealing with a toddler – asking a repeated question, angel at home/devil in public, tantrums (yours and theirs) – the list goes on. The frustrations quickly become relatable chuckles as parents reflect on their own toddler’s nutty behavior with each turn of the page.

With illustrations by Elizabeth Marie A., My Little Peanut Does the Nuttiest Things is both adorable and pants-weeing funny.
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