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The Faceless Reflections of Bullying: Special Edition
Hemophobula: The Wannabe Vampire Revamped!
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How it feels to be bullied and win.
 Raw and very emotional. 
An underdog vampire who can't get things right no matter how hard he tries. But, he keeps on trying.
My name is "El Feo" which in Spanish means "The Ugly One". But I am beautiful and irresistible. This is my story. It is one of a special friendship, the overcoming of incredible odds for survival and a lesson in self-acceptance. Facts about Northern Cardinals and educational items for classroom teachings are included in the book.  Proceeds are donated to 
The Wild Bird Fund, NY.
We Are Toast!
Even though we may each toast differently we  are all sliced the same. 

Nine Moody Eggs!
Which mood are you in?  

On The Flip Side!
There are two sides to every pancake.